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Worlds heaviest man loses 20st after gastric bypass

Worlds heaviest man loses 20st after gastric bypass But is still the world's heaviest..

Paul Mason, thought to be the world's heaviest man has lost more than 20 stone in weight after gastric bypass surgery, but despite this is still the heaviest.

Mr. Mason, 48, now weighs 49 stone, compared with 70 stone in October last year. The ex-postman was driven 143 miles from his home in Ipswich, Suffolk in a specially designed ambulance, to St. Richard's Hospital, Chichester where the operation took place.

Gastric by-pass surgery involves fitting a silicone band around the top part of the stomach, creating a small pouch. Patients then feel full after eating only small amounts of food.

Mr. Mason was reportedly put on a crash diet by doctors prior to the operation and some of his dramatic weight loss weight loss was due to fat being removed during surgery.

"Paul is looking pretty well. He has lost a lot of weight, but has a lot more to lose," an NHS source told The Sun.

"He said he has been waiting eight years for the procedure, but now that he weighs around 49 stone, it's been worth the wait.

"His aim is to be able to get into a mobility wheelchair and eventually drive a car."

Mr. Mason will spend two more weeks in hospital in hospital, and will require another major operation in six months time.

The title of world's heaviest man previously went to Manuel Uribe, 43, from Mexico who weighed 90 stone but lost almost half his weight for his wedding.

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This article was published on Tue 2 February 2010

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