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Heart surgeon dies after saving man's life

Heart surgeon dies after saving man s life Collapsed moments after surgery

An Italian heart surgeon who had just performed a life saving operation on a patient collapsed and died moments later, felled by a heart ailment.

Heart surgeon Vincenzo Capacchione, 49, was called to hospital at 6am on a Saturday to operate on a critically ill 70 year old patient.

Despite running a fever and feeling unwell, Dr Capacchione performed four hours of surgery to save the patient, who had had a heart attack.

As soon as he completed the operation, Dr Capacchione headed to the emergency room, where he complained of chest pains and collapsed. He died a few minutes later.

According to a report in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Dr Capacchione died after his thoracic aorta ruptured.

A colleague said of Dr Capacchione: "Saving the patient was his only concern. He behaved like a real doctor."

This article was published on Mon 4 July 2011

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