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Boyzone singer died of natural causes

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Post-mortem results have found that Boyzone singer Stephen Gately died of natural causes.

The Boyzone star was found dead in his apartment in Majorca on Saturday.

His death was the result of a pulmonary oedema, which is an accumulation of fluid in the lungs. The underlying cause of this was not given.

Although pulmonary oedema can be caused by a range of health conditions, it usually occurs when someone has an underlying heart problem. If the heart is not able to pump the blood it receives from the lungs efficiently, pressure can build up in the blood vessels causing fluid to be forced into the lung's air sacs, making it difficult for the person to breathe.

Other causes include infections such as pneumonia, kidney problems or a severe reaction to medication.

A spokesman for the singer's family in Ireland, said: "The family are pleased that the post-mortem has been completed. They are pleased that the results of the post-mortem indicate exactly what they said all along, that Stephen died as a result of natural causes.

"They would like to thank the authorities in Spain and Ireland for doing everything in their power to complete formalities as quickly as possible to get Stephen's body home."

The funeral is to take place at noon on Saturday in Dublin.

This article was published on Wed 14 October 2009

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