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M&S launches school-wear for obese kids, sells out

Most uniform sizes sell out in a week

Marks and Spencer has started selling school uniforms for overweight children as young as three years old.

Their new Plus Fit clothing range which caters for boys and girls aged up to 16 can only be bought online and is part of a small trial to assess the demand for large sized children's clothes.

Most sizes of Plus Fit school uniforms have now sold out despite only going on sale last Monday.

Boys' trousers in the range aimed at three year-olds have a 23-inch waistline, a size usually worn by eight-year olds, according to the retailer's own standard sizes. The largest trouser size available has a 41 inch waistline.

Similarly, girls' trousers for three-year-olds have 23-inch waistlines and measure 28-inches at the hip.
The largest sizes of girls' clothing for sixteen year-olds have 36-inch waistlines, the equivalent of a woman's size 18.

Being overweight or obese is a common childhood health problem in the UK. One in four children in the UK are now classified as overweight by the time they start primary school.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said: "The fact that M&S has launched this range indicates the severity of the obesity problem.

"It should be a wake-up call to parents, but also to society and the Government."

This article was published on Mon 26 July 2010