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New online method can assess diabetes risk Check your score now

A new online method for assessing your diabetes risk has been developed by researchers at the University of Leicester working in partnership with charity Diabetes UK.

Taking the form of a seven step questionnaire, the Diabetes Risk Score calculates a person’s risk based on factors such as ethnicity, sex, family history of diabetes, waist size, body mass index and any history or treatment for high blood pressure.

Of course the quiz does not work out if you have diabetes, but it does indicate your risk of developing the disease. For an actual diagnosis you would need to visit your doctor.

Study leader Melanie Davies explained the motivation for the development of the tool: "There are an estimated 2.6m people in England with diabetes with 500,000 of them not diagnosed. The impact of diabetes on individuals and their families can be profound. The costs to the NHS are also significant with diabetes prescriptions alone costing £500m a year. I, and my team, are proud that the Diabetes Risk Score will enable people to quickly and easily find out what their chance of having diabetes is and take action accordingly. The earlier diabetes is diagnosed the earlier effective treatment can start."

Check your own score

The Diabetes Risk Score is online at the Diabetes UK web site and has already been taken by more than 21,000 people. It can be seen at

This article was published on Thu 12 August 2010

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