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Glasgow is 'laziest city' in UK

is glasgow really the laziest city in the UK? Or perhaps just the most honest

Scotland has some of the worst health statistics in Europe, with obesity levels in children approaching those found in the USA.

Now a new survey claims that the good people of Glasgow are the 'laziest' in the UK. The survey was carried out by Nuffield Health, a private health company.

But as the survey relies on people to report about their own habits, rather than observing them directly, perhaps Glaswegians are the most honest people in the UK!

Apparently 75% of the city's inhabitants do not take enough exercise, contrasting with the more healthy cockneys of London, where only 66% are prepared to admit to their laziness.

Too lazy to change the channel, never mind have sex

Amazingly, 1 in 6 of us would rather stare at rubbish TV than get up to change the channel if the remote had dropped down the back of the sofa.

And two thirds of couples are regularly too tired to indulge in a night of passion.

Half of pet owners can't be bothered to walk the dog, and 64% of parents are too tired to play with their ever expanding children.

But there's some good news

At least we can take comfort in the fact that a third of respondents said they would be willing to exercise more if they thought it would make them more attractive to potential partners, although that means 75% are so lazy even the thought of pulling isn't enough to get us out of the sofa and down to the gym.

Some more Glasgow health facts

  • Parts of Glasgow have the lowest life expectancy in the UK
  • Glaswegian women have the highest heart attack rates in the world
  • Glaswegian men have the second highest heart attack rates in the world
  • Glasgow has the highest percentage of smokers in Scotland, as high as 40% in some areas
  • Glasgow has been described as 'the fattest city in the UK'
  • Glasgow has Scotland's highest rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions

This article was published on Mon 10 August 2009

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