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Bean sprouts test negative for E.coli

Bean sprouts tests negative for E.coli Source of infection unknown

Preliminary test results from the north German farm suspected of being the source of the E.coli outbreak have come back negative, German officials said.

It was thought that contaminated bean sprouts grown at a farm in Uelzen, Lower Saxony, were behind the outbreak which has claimed the lives of 22 people, and left more than 2,200 people ill in twelve European countries.

However, Mr Klaus Verbeck, managing director of the farm, told a German newspaper he could not understand how the outbreak started at his farm as the spouts were grown from seeds and water without the use of fertilisers.

He also added that animal fertilisers were not used on other parts of the farm either.

Out of a total of 40 samples taken from around the farm, 23 have tested negative for the bacterium. The other 17 samples still have to be tested.

As well as bean sprouts, Spanish cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and a local restaurant have all been suspected as being the source of the outbreak.

This article was published on Mon 6 June 2011

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