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Number of new swine flu infections continues to fall

Swine flu The majority of cases continue to be mild

The number of people newly diagnosed with the swine flu virus in England continues to fall, according to UK Health authorities.

There were about 5,000 new cases of swine flu in England in the past week. Figures last week showed about 11,000 new cases were diagnosed in the previous week.

The Health Protection Agency said most cases continue to be mild, and there are no signs the virus is becoming more severe or developing resistance to anti-viral drugs.

Weekly GP consultation rates continued to decrease over the last week in England.

The total number of known dead in England after contracting the virus is 57, up three from last week.

A total of 218 people are being treated in hospital for swine flu, of which 31 are in intensive care.

This is down from last week, when 263 people were hospitalised, or which 30 were in intensive care.

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This article was published on Thu 27 August 2009

Image © CDC C. S. Goldsmith and A. Balish

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