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Six out of ten Brits have suffered mental stress

Depression and stress common

Six out of ten of people in the UK have had at least one time in their life where they have found it difficult to cope mentally, a new survey has found.

An online poll of 2000 people found that the three most common mental health difficulties experienced were stress (70%), anxiety (59%) and depression (55%).

And nearly one in three people questioned said they had feared they were "cracking up" at some point or another.

The survey results have been released to mark the launch of Mental Wellbeing Week.

Former psychiatric nurse and Together chief executive Liz Felton said: “This research shows that mental health and wellbeing is an issue relevant to most people, not just those with diagnosed issues.

"We hope the results go some way to try and reduce the "them and us" mentality about the topic that can lead to stigma, and perhaps prevents some people from seeking help or talking about what they're going through when they need to."

The results from the survey also revealed that 69% of people experiencing difficulties had tried to take steps to isolate themselves from the outside world on at least one occasion, or mask how they were feeling rather than face up to what was happening.

Jo Smith-Kearney, a spokesperson for Together says: “My advice to others is that when you are feeling low you have to force yourself to make an effort and be as disciplined as you can, ‘duvet days’ can be habit forming! You can lay in bed and rot, but you’ll regret it afterwards.”

This article was published on Mon 8 March 2010

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