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Video: Ricky Gervais, Ray Winstone talk about times they wished they'd shut up

Supporting Cancertalk week to raise awareness of male cancer

Ray Winstone, Ricky Gervais, Marco Pierre White, and Trevor Nelson are just some of the celebrities who have teamed up to support Macmillan's Cancer Support Cancertalk Week.

In a humorous new video, they reveal some of the most embarrassing things they said when they shouldn’t have, to show there are times you really shouldn’t open your mouth, but Cancertalk Week isn’t one of them.

The harsh reality is that men are 40% more likely to die from cancer than women and 16% more likely to get cancer in the first place, so it’s time they stopped the stiff upper lip stuff and started to speak up, the charity said.

As well known ‘hard man’ actor Ray Winstone says: "Men sometimes leave the talking to women when it comes to health concerns so it’s great that Macmillan is encouraging us men to get help.

"Cancer is really hard on the whole family, and being able to speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about, and can tell us what’s what, is brilliant."

Stuart Danskin, a Macmillan Cancer Information Nurse, talks to cancer patients daily on Macmillan’s phone line. "'Men often feel they need to be the strong ones and often keep quiet about how they are really feeling. This can make dealing with their cancer even tougher, which is why we are urging them to get in touch during Cancertalk Week.

"Men can talk privately to Macmillan nurses and other advisers about how things are going, their worries and concerns and get practical, no nonsense advice and support."

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This article was published on Thu 21 January 2010

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