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Sunshine can boost a man's libido

sunshine boosts libido Increase in vitamin D linked to testosterone levels

It's often said that in the spring a young man's fancy turns to love and now we know the reason why.

Increased exposure to sunlight, which happens when the days start to get longer, boosts the body's production of vitamin D (in fact this is the main way for the body to get this nutrient). And according to the findings of a new study, this increase has a positive effect on mens' testosterone levels.

In the study, over 2,000 men had their vitamin D and testosterone levels monitored. Men with the most Vitamin D had the most testosterone.

And levels of both Vitamin D and testosteron changed throughout the year, with the peak in the late summer and the lowest levels in the winter through to March.

Highest testesterone levels were found in men with 30 nanogrammes or more of Vitamin D per millilitre of blood.

Testosterone is an important hormone that plays a part in male libido and energy levels.

Of course, too much exposure to sunlight can lead to skin damage and cancer, a major killer of men and women. So the study leaders have suggested that the effect of Vitamin D supplements on testosterone levels should also be studied.

Results of the study, carried out at Medical University of Graz, Austria, are published in Clinical Endocrinology.

This article was published on Thu 4 February 2010

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