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Sunburn contest 'irresponsible' says advertising watchdog

Sunburn contest  irresponsible  says advertising watchdog 'Earn with your burn'

A competition run by a travel website that asked people to send in photographs of themselves sunburnt was called 'irresponsible' by the advertising watchdog.

An e-mail promotion, headlined "Earn with your burn," was sent to customers in July by travel comparison website Customers were asked to e-mail their pictures of sunburn to, and were given the chance to win a holiday for two.

The ad included pictures of people who were either sunburnt or sunbathing.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a complaint which said the contest was "irresponsible because it encouraged people to burn in the sun."

The parent company, DMC Digital, argued that the aim of the competition was to promote sun safety, and that suncream was also included in the prizes for the competition winner and runners up.

The company also added that they did not want people to risk their skin for the purpose of entering the competition and they had made it clear they wanted old pictures of 'tanning disasters' and 'sunburn nightmares.'

The ASA said the competition could be seen to trivialise sunburn, stating: "We therefore considered that the promotion could encourage recipients to get sun burnt in order to be able to enter the competition, and concluded that the competition was irresponsible."

The competition cannot now be used in its present form.

This article was published on Wed 5 October 2011

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