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Smoothies count towards your 5 daily fruit and veg

smoothies can count as 2 portions of fruit Claims upheld by Advertising Standards Authority

It's not always easy to reach the daily recommended intake of 5 portions of fruit and veg every day.

So the idea of drinking a handily packaged fruit smoothie as part of our daily routine is an attractive one. This was the claim made by the Innocent smoothie brand in a TV advert which was challenged by some complaining viewers.

But now in a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) - the official advertising watchdog - this claim has been upheld.

Innocent claimed that "each one of our cartons contains all this fruit, which means each glassful contains two whole portions. Two of your five a day".

This was made possible because the Department of Health had recently changed it's guidelines to allow smoothies containing all edible parts of a fruit, or 100% fruit juice, to count as two portions of fruit.

The ASA said: ''We understood that each 250ml serving contained all the edible parts of the pulped fruit, contained a sufficient amount of edible fruit and of fruit juice, and, additionally, did not include a dairy product. Because of that, we understood that a 250ml portion from Innocent's current smoothie range could provide two portions of a person's five a day.''

You can read the Department of Health's guidelines here.

In order for a smoothie to qualify, it must be purely made from fruit. Some smoothies contain other ingredients, such as dairy products or sugar. These would therefore not qualify.

This article was published on Thu 17 September 2009

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