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Unfit Brits too tired for sex

Unfit Brits too tired for sex And over 45s have given up

A new survey of nearly 2,000 UK adults has found that more than 1 in 3 of us have cut steamy sex sessions short because we were too exhausted to carry on.

If that's not bad enough, people over 45 seem to have given up, having sex on average just once a week as they think their best sex days are long gone. According to those questioned, age 36 is the best age for sex.

The survey also found that some people are so worried about their lack of fitness, too much action between the sheets might result in a heart attack!

This is despite the fact that studies suggest that regular sex may actually reduce your chances of having a heart attack.

The survey also found that:

  • 60 per cent were ready to sleep after sex
  • 26 per cent felt completely exhausted
  • Only 14 per cent said they would even consider starting again

Lack of fitness and being overweight are also adding to negative feelings about our bodies, especially in the over 45s - a quarter think their bodies are saggy and wrinkly, a staggering 70 per cent feel they are fat and another 25 per cent think theirtheir health is already on a downward trend.

This may be why 60 per cent of those questioned only made love with the lights out.

And as well as being too unfit for sex, it seems that we are also pretty clueless about how to have a better sex life:

  • 14 per cent admit their partner still doesn’t know how to please them
  • 1 in 10 is uncomfortable with their other half
  • 12 per cent don't even know what they like in bed
  • 18 per cent don't have enough confidence to tell their partner what they want

The survey, carried out for health food supplement Kwai garlic, while not an in-depth scientific analysis, does shed some light on how the lack of exercise and increasing obesity crisis is having a negative effect on people's lives.

Company spokesman Iain Laing urges people to take charge of their health: "The results of the survey highlight that maintaining a healthy lifestyle together with taking care of your heart, could help keep your sex life on track. By doing so the 31 per cent cutting a session short due to exhaustion, may have more energy to carry on" he said.

This article was published on Wed 23 June 2010

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