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Bacon and bread worse for salt
Two rashers a day can contain more than half a day's salt, warns campaign group
People taking risks with food safety
Food poisoning risk as people ignore use-by dates and keep leftovers for too long
Cannabis health risks underestimated
Public think it is less harmful than tobacco
Watchdog recommends Botox jabs for chronic migraine
Treatment could soon be available on the NHS
Britain facing a 'tsunami of pain'
Cases of osteoarthritis set to double by 2030
One in six cancers caused by infections
Responsible for nearly two million cases of cancer worldwide
Commuting can be bad for your health
Linked to increased waistlines and high blood pressure
Deaf Awareness Week: 'Look At Me'
'Our ears may be wonky but our brains work just fine'
Jogging increases life expectancy
Regular, gentle jogging beneficial, study finds
Prostate cancer cases top 40,000
More men opting to have the PSA blood test
Oily fish may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's
Linked to lower blood levels of beta-amyloid protein
Tropicana kids orange juice recall
"Microbial contamination"
The many faces of Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week
Garlic compound 'fights food poisoning bacteria'
More effective than antibiotics
Blood test to detect breast cancer risk on the horizon
Detects changes in gene before cancer develops
One in three asthmatics at high risk of a fatal attack
Asthma attack risk underestimated

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