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Men living with parents 'more violent'

living on easy street More money, less responsibility says study

Young men who live at home with their parents are often more violent than those who leave the family nest and become independent, according to new research.

With few responsibilities and more disposable income to spend on binge drinking with friends, this group is responsible for 16% of all violent injuries, despite representing only 4% of the UK’s male population.

Scientists from Queen Mary College, University of London, surveyed over 8,000 men and women. Participants were questioned about violent behaviour over the past 5 years. The participants mental health was also probed.

The results showed for the first time that staying in the parental home is a stronger risk factor for young men's violence than any other consideration.

Professor Jeremy Coid, who led the study, said: "Young adult men living at home in Britain are no longer influenced by parents to conform to standards of behaviour expected of previous generations."

"Violence outside of the home, mainly involving strangers, is the most common scenario and just one of a series of hedonistic and negative social behaviours such as hazardous drinking, drug misuse, sexual risk taking, and non-violent anti-social behaviour."

"And these are more common among young men who do not have responsibilities of providing their own accommodation, supporting dependent children, or experiencing beneficial effects on their behaviour from living with a female partner."

The study is published in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.

This article was published on Mon 20 July 2009

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