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Video: Men ignorant about their partner's menopause

They don't know what it is or the symptoms

Middle aged men are generally clueless about the menopause, according to the results of new survey.

Three quarters (74%) of men over the age of 45 freely admitted knowing next to nothing about the menopause, even though their partners were likely to be of menopausal age.

And although 90% of men questioned knew that hot flushes were a symptom of the menopause, 71% failed to recognise their partner’s menopausal symptoms when they occurred.

Instead, they had to rely on their partner telling them.

Men were better at recognising symptoms of the menopause when it most affected them! Over a third of men (38%) noticed their sex life had changed as a result of the menopause, and 22% thought sex was now more difficult due to changes in their partner’s body.

However, most remained baffled as to why this may be, as only 3% knew that painful intercourse can be a symptom of the menopause.

The survey was carried out on behalf of www.menopause-info.co.uk.

If most of this is news to you, then perhaps you better read on.

This article was published on Thu 17 September 2009

The menopause - a guide for men

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