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Newly discovered hormone Kisspeptin could help restore fertility

zone image Scientists reveal that the hormone Kisspeptin could be a new treatment for infertility

A team of UK Scientists from Imperial College London have revealed that the recently discovered hormone Kisspeptin could be the basis for a new, less risky, fertility treatment.

The hormone controls the release of other hormones which in turn control the menstural cycle. Animals (including humans) which lack this hormone do not sexually mature, remaining pre-pubescent. The scientists showed in an earlier study that treating fertile women with Kisspeptin produced sex hormones. The new study extended this to infertile women, in particular women whose periods had stopped due to hormone imbalances. The outcome was an increase in the production of hormones important in fertility.

This result holds out the possibility that Kisspeptin could be used in a new form of fertility treatment for women whose reproductive systems have effectively shut down.

This article was published on Tue 17 March 2009

Image © Vladislav Gansovsky - Fotolia.com

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