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Watch the sun if you're skipping the Royal wedding

Watch the sun if you re skipping the Royal wedding Travel health tips

If you're planning on skipping the Royal wedding by heading to sunnier climes, you're not alone.

Thousands of Britons are heading abroad, with destinations such as Tenerife, Morocco, Portugal, Mexico and Kenya high on the list.

The 8 Weeks To Go campaign ( is reminding holiday makers to check their travel health needs as well as research their destination over the next few weeks.

Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth, a spokesperson for the 8 Weeks To Go travel health awareness campaign, developed and funded by GlaxoSmithKline Travel Health, said: "Four in ten Brits are unsure about when they should seek travel health advice before any trip, so now is a good time to remind them that it is best to start at least six to eight weeks before travel.

"Both long and short haul travellers need to know that it’s not just the far away destinations that have health challenges - even resorts just a short flight away from the UK have different health risks. My advice to anyone planning to travel outside the UK is to book an appointment now with your GP surgery, travel health clinic or pharmacy to find out the facts. After all a holiday is a time to relax and explore. No-one wants to spend days in bed and miss out on the fun."

For authoritative sources of travel health advice visit:

This article was published on Wed 13 April 2011

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