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Boozy Brits drink 84 times their weight in alcohol

at least its not a pink one Same as average weight of adult elephant!

New research shows that the average Brit is on course to drink over 84 times their own body weight in alcohol during their lifetime - about the same weight as an adult elephant.

This adds up to 1,000 calories a week from drinking alcohol alone - enough to cause a weight gain of 3.5 pounds for every three weeks in the absence of any additional exercise.

This follows on from earlier research by the Government's Know Your Limits campaign which shows that drinkers are "piling on pounds" - full details here.

The research was carried out by a team from Lloyds Pharmacy. They also worked out that we are now spending an average of £700 each year on alcoholic drinks.

Helping to spread the message is former Countdown host Carol Vorderman, who said: "A glass or two of your favourite tipple every day doesn’t sound like a big deal - but depending on the size of your glass and your drink of choice, this can easily push you over the recommended limit."

To help you find out how your alcohol consumption adds up, Lloyds have launched a handy online tool, called the AlCulator. The AlCulator allows you to work out how much alcohol you drink in your lifetime.

You can try the AlCulator here: The Alculator.

This article was published on Tue 1 December 2009

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