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Babies sleep safest in own cot

babies are safest sleeping in own cots But many mothers sceptical

Half of all unexpected infant deaths occur when babies are sleeping with adults, according to research carried out at Bristol University.

The latest findings, published online today in the British Medical Journal, confirm that "the safest place for a baby to sleep is in its own cot."

Another study, funded by The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID), found that a quarter of mothers don't believe that bed sharing increases the risk of cot death.

Joyce Epstein, director of FSID, said: "Since 2000 FSID and the Department of Health have been advising parents to sleep their babies in a separate cot in a room with them, and we are pleased that the most up-to-date research confirms that this advice is correct."

"But the survey results are alarming. We know that those at greatest risk of experiencing a cot death are very young mums, often single, and still in their teens, and this group is the most likely to reject safe sleep advice."

Please see the next page of this article for advice on reducing the risk of cot death.

This article was published on Wed 14 October 2009

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