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East Midlands fattest UK region

East Midlands fattest UK region Scotland a close second

People living in the East Midlands are among the fattest in the UK, with Scotland coming a close second, according to a new UK obesity map.

To see how your region performs, click here for the full sized image map.

The new map, drawn up by Slimming World, shows the average Body Mass Index (BMI) for different regions of the UK.

Body Mass Index is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in metres squared.

Anyone with a BMI above 25 is regarded as being overweight. People with a BMI above 30 are defined as obese.

The higher a person’s BMI, the greater the risk of developing life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The results from the YouGov survey found that the average BMI for people across the UK fell into the overweight category.

People in the East Midlands had the highest average BMI at 28.9, closely followed by the Scots with a BMI of 28.4.

Seven out of 10 people in cities like Leicester, Derby and Nottingham were found to be approaching the borderline between overweight and obesity.

Londoners had the lowest BMI. However, before they start patting themselves on the back, they should realise that a BMI of 26.1 is still regarded as overweight. It's just that they are less overweight than the rest of us!

Dr Jacquie Lavin, Slimming World head of nutrition and research, said: “Clearly obesity is a national problem but the causes are often closer to home and most of us recognise that our lifestyle and the environment we live in is at least partly to blame.

"Being overweight is increasingly a worry for many of us and for our families and children. It affects how we feel, our happiness and our well-being – our whole outlook on life."

Slimming World released the results of the survey before the launch of its Let's Beat it Together campaign next week, designed to tackle obesity in communities.

Average BMI breakdown by region

  1. East Midlands - 28.9

  2. Scotland - 28.4

  3. West Midlands - 28.1

  4. North West - 27.9

  5. Wales - 27.8

  6. East of England -27.5

  7. South West - 27.5

  8. Northern Ireland - 27.2

  9. Yorkshire and The Humber - 27.0

  10. South East - 26.9

  11. North East - 26.9

  12. London - 26.1

This article was published on Mon 15 February 2010

Image © Slimming World

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