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Sugar-free drinks really help you lose weight

Sugar free drinks are good for you Alas, you must also eat less and exercise

People who drink sugar free colas might give the impression that while they would like to lose weight, their effort only goes as far as having a low calorie drink, as if it was a panacea for weight loss.

Well, hold your cynicism, because a new study has found that the consumption of sugar-free drinks sweetened with low-calorie sweeteners actually increases dietary restraint, which is a key aspect of losing and keeping down weight.

The study, which was published in the International Journal of Obesity, looked at calorie, protein, carbohydrate, fat and beverage intake and the dietary restraint of over 300 people, and concluded that drinking artificially sweetened drinks "may be an important weight control strategy" among those who manage to maintain their weight loss.

"Weight loss maintainers use more dietary strategies to accomplish their weight loss maintenance, including greater restriction of fat intake, use of fat and sugar modified foods, reduced consumption of caloric beverages and increased consumption of artificially sweetened beverages," the study found.

Its findings mirror those of an earlier report, which found that those who consumed artificially sweetened foods lost much more weight than those who did not.

Dr. Adam Drewnowski, who conducted an earlier study in the field, said: "Low-calorie sweeteners and reduced-calorie products are not magic bullets, which means using these products will not result in automatic weight loss. Instead, people looking to lose or maintain weight, can use low-calorie sweeteners in addition to other tools (such as portion control, exercise) to help manage their calories."

This article was published on Tue 25 August 2009

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