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Scots life expectancy among worst in Europe

Scots life expectancy among worst in Europe Lowest in UK

Despite living longer than ever before, life expectancy in Scotland is among the worst in Europe, a government report shows.

Scottish men and women can expect to live slightly shorter lives compared to those living in the rest of Europe - a year less for men and 2.3 years less for women.

When compared to European countries with the highest life expectancies, Scottish men can expect to live four years less than Swedish men and Scottish women can expect to live 4.9 years less then French women.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. Baby girls born in Scotland today are now expected to live for an average of 80.1 years, up from 78.2 years ten years ago. Similarly, life expectancy for boys born today is now 75.4 years, up from 72.7.

The report, published by the Register General for Scotland, also revealed that the gap between male and female life expectancy has narrowed from 5.5 years to 4.8 years in the past decade.

As ever, considerable variations in life expectancy across the country were shown to occur.

People living in East Dunbartonshire had the highest life expectancy at 83.1 for women and 78.3 for men, while people living in Glasgow had the lowest life expectancy - 71.1 for men and 77.5 for women.

Commenting on the report, Duncan Macniven, Register General for Scotland, said: "Scottish men and women are living longer and men are closing the traditional gap between their life expectancy and women's.

"While life expectancy in Scotland continues to be lower than the UK and European average, there are no council or NHS board areas where life expectancy has decreased over the last decade."

This article was published on Fri 17 September 2010

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