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Lottery to offer £25,000 IVF as prize

Lottery to offer £25,000 IVF as prize Critics say it is 'demeaning'

A new lottery which offers a monthly prize of £25,000 IVF treatment is set to launch in the UK at the end of the month.

The charity To Hatch, which is behind the controversial new game, has recently been granted a licence by the Gambling Commission. Tickets will be available online and will cost £20.00.

The lottery is not exclusive to couples trying to conceive. Single and gay people will also be able to purchase tickets, and there will be no upper age limit.

Competition winners can use the money to pay for one cycle of IVF, associated accommodation and travel costs. If IVF is not advised by the clinic, the winner may be offered donor eggs or sperm, reproductive surgery or even a surrogate birth.

Profits from the lottery will go towards To Hatch, which offers advice on fertility treatment.

To Hatch founder Camille Strachan said: "We will offer struggling couples a completely tailor made service.

"We hope the To Hatch Lottery can ease the burden on the NHS and reduce the stress slightly on some of those who are struggling."

However, others are opposed to the lottery, describing it as demeaning.

Josephine Quintavalle, of the group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said: "This demeans the whole nature of human reproduction.

"Creation of human life should not be reduced to a public lottery. Instead of this, shouldn't more be spent on research into fertility problems?"

This article was published on Wed 6 July 2011

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