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How to reveal you're pregnant

How to reveal you re pregnant Some ideas...

For reality star Jessica Simpson even the weeks of feverish tabloid speculation weren’t enough to rush her into announcing her pregnancy.

The former singer finally confirmed the news at the weekend, at what insiders say is at least six months’ gone.

But for most mothers-to-be, waiting six months before announcing the happy news would probably be a step too far. After all, the baby bump is showing by then, meaning friends and colleagues will have sussed you out long before you spill the beans.

So when is the right time to make the big announcement – and who should you tell first?

It’s generally accepted that waiting three months before announcing a pregnancy is a sensible step, as the risk of miscarriage significantly decreases after the 12th week.

Plus there’s the three-month scan to confirm the baby is healthy – and the first scan picture, of course, to present to loved ones.

Celebrities who have chosen to wait the full three months before confirming the news include Beyonce, expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z in February, and Victoria Beckham, who kept quiet after 12 weeks when pregnant with baby daughter Harper.

But, as the NHS pregnancy site notes, it’s a very personal decision: “You may want to tell your family and friends immediately, or wait a while until you have sorted out how you feel.

“Many women wait until they have had their first scan before they tell people that they're pregnant.”

Waiting gives you time to digest the news as a couple – and enjoy your special secret for a while. It also means you can make early plans and decisions without interference from others.

There are, however, some advantages to telling the news earlier, at least to close family: it means you are guaranteed support during those nauseous first weeks, can get valuable advice from those who have been through it, and understanding should anything go wrong.

If you’re not ready for a general announcement to all and sundry, always make sure you have total trust in those you do tell. For instance, beware of confiding in a casual work colleague during a moment of excitement - some may find it hard to keep the happy news quiet, meaning more people than you want to know will be let in on the good news.

It’s also worth noting that there is no need to tell work until you feel ready: legally you can wait until 15 weeks before the baby is due to let your employers know, although it might help to have your boss onside during those morning sickness days or if you have a particularly physical or stressful job.

But once you have decided who to tell and when, then comes the fun bit. That’s how you choose to tell folks – because there are countless ways of getting creative. Jessica Simpson chose to dress up as a Mummy for Halloween and post the shots on her website.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Take a snap of your digital pregnancy test or emerging baby bump – and pop it on Facebook. That way all your friends and family will know in seconds flat, saving vital money on phone bills that you can put towards a cot/pram/baby clothes…

  • To break the news to your partner, wrap up the positive pregnancy test and present it to him at the end of a specially cooked meal.

  • Sneak downstairs in the morning and pop a trayful of buns in the oven… and wait until your nearest and dearest twigs.

  • Buy a bib embroidered with the words ‘World’s Best Grandma/Granddad/Auntie/Uncle’ and present it over lunch.

  • Have family and friends round for food – then serve up cheeky bowlfuls of ice-cream and pickles for dessert.

This article was published on Wed 2 November 2011

Image © Karen Roach - Fotolia.com

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