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Parents can help their children have a healthy Halloween by making snacks that are good for them as well as fitting in with the spooky theme of the day, according to a cancer charity.

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has come up with a series of spine-tingling recipes that can help encourage children to try different fruits and vegetables such as carrots, kiwi fruits and celery.

Among its recipes are Celery Claws and Frankenstein’s Fingers, and it has published them on its children’s website, at:

Marni Craze, children’s education manager at WCRF UK, said: “Many party foods on sale at this time of year can be high in sugar and fat but it is possible to have healthier alternatives without losing any of the fun.

“Making healthy Halloween-themed snacks is also a great way to encourage children to eat healthier foods they may otherwise be reluctant to try. For example, a child might not choose to eat raw carrots but might be keener when they are presented as ‘Frankenstein’s Fingers’.

“We have developed a set of recipes that can give parents suggestions because it is important to encourage children to develop healthy habits as early as possible to help reduce their risk of ill health in the future.”

WCRF is asking parents to send in their own ideas for healthy Halloween. The best ideas that are approved by nutritionists will be included on the website for Halloween next year. Parents can send their ideas to:

This article was published on Sat 31 October 2009

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