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First baby born at Great Ormond Street Hospital

First baby born in Great Ormond Street Hospital Mum visiting sick daughter at the time

London's Great Ormond Street Hospital is world-famous for its pioneering care of babies and children - but has never had a baby born there in its 157 year history, until now.

History was made last week when mum-to-be Nicola Tyler was visiting her daughter Kelly, an inpatient at the hospital. During her visit she went into labour.

And Great Ormond Street does not have a maternity unit.

Undeterred, staff from a range of specialist teams were able to deliver her baby - Zac - calmly and safely, while his big sister Kelly played in the room next door.

Nicola said: "At about 11:00am I had my ‘show’ and told the ward’s nurses I was in labour. They were very reassuring and called the maternity staff at University College London Hospital. My contractions at this point were 30 to 40 minutes apart so they told me to lie down and not to worry."

"I went and took a warm bath and lay on the bed in Kelly’s room, but within a matter of minutes my contractions had become stronger and more frequent. Sue Snaith, ward sister on Elephant called in Sangeeta Mudaliar, specialist registrar, to check how dilated I was.

"I then heard a voice saying ‘I can see the head, you’re fully dilated Nicola but you can’t push yet, we need to wait for the paramedics to arrive!’ When they did, Caroline Kanyanga, intensive care senior staff nurse, delivered Zac. Caroline, who is a qualified midwife, was assisted by Mike Wise, clinical site practitioner, Ailish Barry, clinical nurse specialist, Sue and Sangeeta. Without doubt it was a real team effort".

Nicola continues: "Zac was born at about 2:10pm and Sue Snaith held my hand throughout. It is incredible that such a broad team of specialists helped me give birth to my beautiful baby boy and I cannot thank them enough, not just for the care they gave to Zac and I, but for what they have done for Kelly too".

Dr Jane Collins, chief executive at Great Ormond Street Hospital said: "Firstly I would like to congratulate the family on their new arrival. We don't set out to deliver babies at Great Ormond Street but it doesn't surprise me that our staff were calm, reassuring and very effective when faced with this situation. Their team work is a credit to the organisation and they should all feel very proud."

Nicola concluded: "Four days after Zac was born, and once Kelly had her final round of treatment, we were able to return home and be together as a family which has been lovely, and we’ve had no end of visitors".

Middle daughter Kelly, 6, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in her neck in June this year. She is continuing to make a pleasing and steady recovery.

This article was published on Wed 23 September 2009

Image © GOSH

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