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Glasgow unhealthiest place in the UK

Glasgow unhealthiest place in the UK Highest levels of obesity

Glasgow is the unhealthiest place in the UK, with the highest levels of obesity, a survey has found.

Around a third of Glaswegians are obese and five per cent are morbidly obese, according to research by charity Nuffield Health.

Some 36 per cent of Glaswegian men were found to be obese compared with 31 per cent of women. Around six per cent of women were classified as morbidly obese.

Glasgow also has the highest proportion of smokers (29%) and was fifth on a list of places in the UK where people get the least sleep, averaging just six and a half hours or less.

The study collected information on 40,000 people from 190 locations across the country in 2010, including smoking habits, alcohol consumption, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and weight and height measurements which were used to calculate body mass index.

Although Glasgow topped the list for obesity, other places south of the border were not far behind.

Around 27 per cent of people surveyed in Nuneaton, and 26 per cent surveyed in Oxford and Worcester were classified as obese, while Hull followed close behind at 25 per cent.

After Glasgow, Oxford and Battersea had the highest proportions of smokers (23% and 22% respectively), while Leicester, Letchworth and Guisely had the lowest, with under nine per cent of those surveyed saying they smoked.

London was found to be Britain's healthiest place, with two out of three people having a BMI in the normal range, between 18 and 25.

Dr Sarah Dauncey, the medical director of Nuffield Health said: "Obesity is a growing problem in the UK which must be tackled to ensure people live healthier and longer lives.

"Evaluating your health is important and the first step is to take control of your health and wellbeing."

This article was published on Tue 1 November 2011

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