First aid

How to treat severe bleeding

Severe bleeding Can lead to shock and infection

If someone has a wound which is bleeding severely, the aim of first aid is to prevent blood loss, minimise shock and prevent the wound from becoming infected.

What you should do

-If you have them, put on disposable gloves - Check whether there is an object embedded in the wound - If nothing is embedded, press on the wound with a clean pad and bandage - Raise the wound above the level of the person's heart - If blood seeps through the first dressing, apply another on top of the first and use a new bandage - If blood seeps through to the bandage, remove and reapply - Treat for shock - Call 999

If there is an object embedded in the wound:

  • Do not try to extract it
  • Press firmly on either side of the object, to prevent blood from coming out of the wound
  • Build up padding around the object before bandaging, to avoid putting pressure on the object itself
  • Treat for shock
  • Call 999

This article was published on Thu 27 May 2010

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First aid
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