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Fake tan nasal spray potentially dangerous

Fake tan nasal spray  potentially dangerous Sold illegally in UK

A bizarre fake tan treatment - which comes in the from of a nasal spray - is potentially dangerous, health experts have warned.

Marketed as Ubertan, the treatment is being sold illegally in some gyms and beauty salons as well as being available online.

The health watchdog Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has tested the product and found it contains melanotan II, an unlicensed medicine with no evidence of safety, quality or effectiveness, and with unknown side effects.

Another variant of the product was found to contain a herbal extract called forskolin which has never been licensed or registered for use in a medical treatment in the UK.

The MHRA has instructed a number of retailers and websites to stop marketing the product and to cancel all advertising and promotions related to the treatment.

"If you have this product at home do not use it again, throw it in the bin. And if you have used it and you have concerns then speak to your GP," said MHRA Head of the Medicines Borderline Section, David Carter.

"Putting your health on the line just in order to get a tan is just really not worth the risk," he added.

He also explained that there was no way to know just how serious the side-effects of using these products could be as they have never been clinically tested.

Retailers need to be vigilant too, as selling such products could land them with a fine or even a jail term.

If you see any advertising or promotions for these products you can alert the MHRA by visiting www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard or by calling anonymously the MHRA Information Centre on 020 3080 6000.

This article was published on Tue 2 August 2011

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