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Walk off the calories this Christmas

Get out on a traditional Xmas walk

Families are being urged to go for a traditional Christmas day walk to help burn off the extra Christmas dinner calories.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, a typical Christmas day dinner totals around 1500 calories - over half a man's recommended daily intake, and three quarter's of a woman's.

Christmas dinner calorie count

  • 2 slices of turkey (with skin) -225kcal
  • Sausage meat stuffing -185kcal
  • 4 small roast potatoes - 400kcal
  • Portion of sprouts (boiled) - 30kcal
  • Portion of roast parsnips - 30kcal
  • Serving of gravy - 100kcal
  • Serving of Christmas pudding - 330kcal
  • Double cream (tbspn) - 150kcal

Grand total: 1470 kcal

And that's before the extra helpings, chocolates, mince pies, liqueurs and alcohol (We're feeling stuffed already).

The government is encouraging everyone to set aside the Nintendo's, switch off the telly and take to the streets, fields or beaches after their Christmas meal.

Working with Ramblers, they have drawn up a list of suggested Christmas walks.

They include a walk around famous London landmarks, a trek through the Birmingham bog that Tolkein based the hobbits’ shire home on, as well as a wildlife walk in Highfield Country Park, Manchester.

Public Health Minister, Gillian Merron said: “Whatever the weather, a traditional festive walk is a great way for families and friends to avoid that sluggish feeling and have a more active Christmas.

“Being more physically active can make a real difference to your health - taking that extra walk is something we can all enjoy as a family."

Tom Franklin, chief executive of Ramblers, said: "Winter is a great time to go walking - there's nothing like a crisp winter day and the kids will really enjoy themselves if it snows.

“But it's also important to stay active and make the best of the short daylight hours by getting out of doors, helping you walk off the mince pies and avoid the post-Christmas blues."

More information:

Ramblers winter walks

This article was published on Tue 22 December 2009

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