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Britain's most premature twin allowed home

Britain s most premature twin allowed home Weighed less than a bag of sugar at birth

A baby born at 23 weeks and weighing less than a bag of sugar has finally been allowed home.

Jacob McMahon weighed just 1lb and 4oz when he was born at Bradford Royal Infirmary on February 22.

Now five months old and weighing a healthy 7lb 3oz, Jacob is home from hospital with his mother Sara Fisher, 25, and father Scott McMahon, 26.

Doctors had asked Ms Fisher to consider an abortion after his twin sister, Emie, born at 21 weeks and 6 days, died from an infection.

Ms Fisher said: “It feels surreal being home. It is a day that was not spoken of because we thought it would never happen.

"We couldn't believe it when doctors told us we had to consider abortion. They told us I had an infection and that he wouldn't survive.

"They gave us 24 hours to decide whether we wanted to take a tablet that could stop his heart.

"We did not want to do that but luckily that decision was taken away from us when I went into labour at midnight."

The couple only managed to see their son for a few seconds after he was born, as he was taken to a special baby care unit. They first held him when he was four weeks old.

Ms Fisher told the Yorkshire Post that Jacob still needs a constant supply of oxygen, but this is expected to be reduced as his lungs grow bigger. She added that his brain scans had come back normal.

Consultant neonatologist Dr Sam Oddie at Bradford Royal Infirmary said: "We have never had a baby survive at 23 weeks before.

“His twin sister was born so early there was no prospect of her being able to survive and we were extremely concerned whether Jacob could survive. We are delighted he has overcome the odds.”

This article was published on Tue 26 July 2011

Image © Ross Parry

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